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writing submissions

Writing Submissions

We are always seeking writers and writing. Each genre has a different requirement. The following requirements are for our standard monthly publication, not for writing competitions. See see COMPETITIONS on our website. For fiction and poetry, we do not currently have a call out to specific themes.

All writing submissions need to be in Word.doc format, emailed to Please be sure to include in the top left corner: your name (as you’d like to see it in print); phone number, email address, physical address; and the title of your piece. If your piece does not have a title, write “Untitled”. In the subject line of your email, please write what kind of submission you’re sending, and your last name (ie: poetry submission/smith) . The body of your email must include your name, contact information and title of your piece.

If your writing is accepted for publication, we will only retain publishing rights for that specific issue. The writer retains all copyright ownership. We will publish work that has been published before, but writer MUST have full ownership of their work, and MUST include in their email the history of their submission (what other publications have published it).


Poems can be no more than one page long. If submitting multiple entries, submit them independently.


These entries can be no longer than 550 words. Flash fiction is acceptable, as are all genres; we encourage writers to not censor their work.



If you have not contributed to F Magazine before, please send us your resume and three clips that best represent your writing style. If you do not have prior experience but would still like to contribute, we’ll sign you up to do a crash journalism course with us (we hold them several times a year).

If you have a story you’d like to write, pitch it to us. Please keep in mind that we want only content that is in accordance with our mission statement.




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  1. September 3, 2012

    I have some real shit that needs to be heard… I need to kn0w…Who..I need to hear it, so that Everyone can hear it…
    If someone would please get back at me, I would really appreciate it… I’d attended the F’raiser event this weekend…frankly…I didn’t know there were people like this in AK…I’d given up on Anchorage a long time ago… This weekend got me back on my feet poetically…I’m ready to make this happen…I just need to know Who I need to get in touch with to start it off (as far as Who sets up the events which provide the opportunity to speak to an Audience such as the one at the F’raiser… )Taproot didn’t work for me…Indigo didn’t work for me..I need something new

    • fzine permalink*
      September 19, 2012

      Hey Christopher! Great slamming the other night at the F-Raiser! I understand you’re in touch with Trey. We’re working on getting a monthly event that will give you just the place you need at Out North – I’ll keep you posted!

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