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October Letter From the Editor

2010 October 2
by fzine

Dear Reader,

This month’s theme for poetry, fiction, essay and art is “Learning a Craft.” As with all of our submission themes, this was open to interpretation. As an editor I derived much pleasure from finding the myriad ways both “learning” and “craft” could be interpreted. It is always unfortunate that the economics of space prohibit us from printing all the submissions we deem worthy of publication. We ask you to savor what was chosen, and know there is a great amount of talent to be found among the writers of South Central Alaska.
Starting up a small business is all about learning a craft. It is not learned immediately or in just one instructional lesson. It is something that is wrought, fine-tuned and finagled. There is as much trial and error as there is triumph and glory. But to achieve the latter, there must be passion and perseverance. If you are a subscriber to F Magazine, you will notice that despite recent upheavals we are still here! You will also notice there are some changes to layout and format, and we have new contributing writers (a million thanks to all our wonderful volunteers!). You may also see yet a new price on the cover (if you’re in Anchorage). This is part of our learning curve. It takes a tremendous amount of money to produce a high quality looking magazine, and more money to distribute it and pay our vendors. It has been suggested many times that we lower our standards and use a lighter stock paper.
Perhaps we’re being too headstrong, but we believe the quality is a good part of its appeal. However, we also find that less people feel inclined to pay the new price we’ve had for the past two months – and that defeats our goal of bringing visibility to the arts. Thus, we are compromising the price for those who live in close radius to our central hub (we apologize to those who live in other towns, but we simply couldn’t afford it – please bear with us and continue supporting the arts!)
F Magazine is completely comprised of passionate volunteers. So as to not stretch them thin, we are constantly seeking more volunteers until we can afford otherwise. If you have a little time on your hands and you have a passion for the arts and culture, please contact us to find out how you can be of assistance (
In being true to our mission, F Magazine is now the official regional affiliate (our region being the entire state of Alaska) for the Scholastic Writing Competition of the national Alliance of Young Artists and Writers. (This is in conjunction with MTS Gallery – which is running the competition for artists.) The national organization has been honoring students (grades 7-12) with awards and scholarships for 70 years. This is the first time Alaskan students will have a chance at competing, and we are excited to be giving them this opportunity! Pass the word on to teachers and students all over the state. Registration and more information on the competition can be found at We are seeking volunteers to judge the 11 different categories in January and a number of professional/experienced readers/actors to perform the winning work for the premier.
Art is good for the soul – for young and old!

Viva las Artes,
The editor

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