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Letter from the Editor September 2010

2010 September 12
by fzine

Dear Reader,
The theme for creative entries this month is “The Things We Lose”. It is easy to recount so many things we lose in a lifetime – a favorite hat, a loved one, a relationship, a pair of reading glasses. What seems to take more conscious accounting, is to recall those things we first found. How we found them. There are those momentous things, like when I was nine I found $50 in the parking lot of a restaurant. I have no recollection of what exactly that money was spent on, but nearly 30 years later, I still remember all the finite details of that moment. It is the things, however, that become staples in our lives, those things we nearly take for granted and then become utterly dismayed, perplexed or devastated when we lose them, that we cannot seem to right away remember when they first arrived in our lives. That said, perhaps it’s those people, those treasures of which we recall both their arrival and their departure so easily, that are in fact the very dearest.
I did not know when I set the list of monthly themes that September’s would be fortuitous.
F Magazine was first started by Gretchen Weiss – it is her brainchild. I remember the first time I met her. We were both going to school at UAA and she interviewed me for the news editor position. She was quiet. Perceptive. She studied me while the others in the meeting asked questions. I’m sure neither of us knew then that we would become friends, nor that we would start a business together. While we were at The Northern Light newspaper, we plugged in our blood, sweat and tears. Every week, she and I and Craig Updegrove would spend three solid days putting together what would become an award winning paper – each of us every once in a while taking turns to sleep under the draft table. We dreamed of one day starting our own underground zine. And then one day, we did.
(Perhaps you, the reader remember the first time you picked up a copy of F Magazine? It was like you found it, right?)
Through months of deliberation, contemplation and struggle, F Magazine founder and layout editor extraordinaire, Gretchen Weiss has decided to move to the Lower 48. Though we are a hyperlocal magazine, Gretchen will continue to do the marvelous layout that she does until early next year, when we hope to have found a replacement. I may be losing my business partner, but surely not my friend. I wish Gretchen the very best with her new destination.

Viva Las Artes!
the editor

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