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February 2010 Letter from the Editor

2011 February 5
by fzine

Unbeknownst to many,
Anchorage is rich with fashion. From gorgeous models to innovative designers, award winning photographers to highly skilled hair and makeup artists, Anchorage is getting more hip by the day. Most of us might still choose our Carhartts over designer jeans and Xtra Tufs over smashing stilettos, but look around and you might start to notice that, particularly among women, style and fashion are becoming as normal as sighting a moose in the middle of your yard.

During the past several months, numerous designers, photographers and artists have created exclusive works, of which we’re deeply honored to display here on these pages. And fashion, as I’ve come to learn during this process, is not about designer names and high price tags, it’s first and foremost about art, passion, creation and beauty. It was noted by all of this issue’s fashion contributors that not only do Alaskans fail to realize there are fashion artists among them, the artists don’t know it either. With this issue, we hope to help the fans and the artists by bringing visibility to the entire scene. We’ve included an abbreviated set of yellow pages of fashion related folks here in Anchorage. These will be posted on our Web site for perpetuity, and hopefully over time, more fashion related people will come out of the woodwork.

We humans relish beautiful things but, the thing we treasure more than beauty, is love. As the author of “Seven Arrows,” Hyemeyohsts Storm wrote: “No two people on the face of the earth are alike in any one thing except for their loneliness.” And everything we do is about satiating ourselves and alleviating that loneliness. Our hunger and hunt for love is part of that equation. So for this month, the month that we place so much capitalistic emphasis on love, we’ve also included a few truly great poems that pander to our wanton craving.

Also this month, F Magazine would like to welcome on a whole new crew of fantastic volunteers, interns and staff. Read their names on the Contributors page. And if you know some of them, or even if you don’t, seek them out and thank them for their contribution to our community. Anchorage, as I’ve been told many times, needs F Magazine. And F Magazine needs you. So thank you for your continuing support.
Viva Las Artes!

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  1. February 5, 2011

    I was thrilled to discover this new magazine when I visited the downtown location of Modern Dwellers Chocolate Lounge this past week.
    I purchased a copy and have waited until I returned home from my travel to Anchorage from Nenana before the reading of the December issue.
    I was very happy to discover that the website exists and look forward to reading everything that you produce.

    • F Magazine permalink
      February 18, 2011

      Thank you Diane! Were you able to get the February issue? We’re very excited about it: a whole new team of energetic and talented people and gorgeous content. Hope you’re warm in Nenana!

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