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April: Letter From F

2011 April 6
by fzine

“I am a soldier, so my son can be a farmer, so his son can be
a poet.”

This famous quote, its origins though debated, most likely
surfaced during the Revolutionary War – nearly 230 years later,
it still invokes both passion and yearning. One can’t help but
wonder when all wars will finally come to an end so our children
will finally live in a world where they can live freely to write and
create art – without fear of poverty and conflict. In preparation for
such a time, it is important that the youth of today be encouraged
and mentored. They are our future historians; they will record our
religions, our politics and our social mores through their fiction,
poetry, paintings, photographs and sculptures.
This issue is dedicated to the future of art – the 2010 winners of
the Alaska Regional Scholastic Art and Writing of the national
Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Students from all over
the state (grades 7-12) submitted their work for several rounds of
judging. The final round was displayed at MTS Gallery, with a live
reading of the writings from the Gold Key winners by actors and
professional speakers for the award ceremony.
The following pages are all of the Gold Key winners, and a handful
of chosen Silver Key winners. You can find the work of all other
Silver Key winners on our website. Of the Gold Key winners,
five were chosen from each contest as the American Voices and
American Vision Nominees – their work has now gone on to a
national level and will compete for $35 million in scholarships.
We wish them all the very best of luck.

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