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The Three Little Pigs


Prepare Your Best Pig Puns for
The Three Little Pigs

Runs February 28 – March 4

By Jamie Newsom

Although acting like a ham is generally frowned upon in the professional theatre, in this case, it’s right on the money.

TBA Theatre’s The Three Little Pigs, with an original script by Wayne and P. Shane Mitchell and directed by Megan Bladow, brings the classic children’s fable to the APU Grant Hall stage with added silliness, comedy and even choreographed dance numbers.

It’s a kid-friendly introduction to meta-theatre, in a Christopher Guest-esque new production of the Three Little Pigs at the Porcine Playhouse (an all-human pig-centric theatre company). There’s lots of squealing, chasing and audience participation, much to the delight of the young members of the opening night audience.

The cast is set to feature celebrity luminaries like Russell Crowe, Sir Ian McKellen and Kevin Bacon (it’s too bad that Jon Hamm didn’t make the cut) – although the real stars are Morgan Stratton as Hamlet, Grace Fahrney as Piggy Sue and Ben Michaelson as Albert Swinestein.

After their mother sends them out into the world to seek their fortunes, these three little pigs must find a way to bring home the bacon. Slick Willy, a greasy travelling salesman (Carl Bright), only too keen to set the trio up with the best home construction materials their money can buy. What with interference by the Big Bad Wolf  (Rees Miller), only the wisest little pigs will be able to build a house that is durable enough to stand up to the elements as well as the wily wolf.

This show is great fun for little kids and big kids, and features additional cast pigs Maggie Moonin, Sammi Emery, D’Artagnon Moonin, Emma Broyles, Ryan Stimson, Allison Wayt, Becky Sheridan, Jaina Willahan, Emily Foreman, Falon Methonen, Courtney Griechen and Anderson Farmer. Morgan Mitchell, Danielle Dooley and Rhiannon Johnson keep the Porcine Players in check as Stage Manager and the (union-approved) Stage Hams.

The Three Little Pigs runs through March 4 at APU Grant Hall. Visit for more information.



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