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2012, 9 – Audio F’ile II – Download

Before you purchase this issue for download:

This file is too big to download from this site. When you purchase it, we will email it to you within 24  hours (and most likely, within 3). Thank you for supporting the arts by reading F. We will also email you the code for you to download the new Audio F’ile Compilation.

Inside the September/October issue of F Magazine:

Check out our coverage → Our centerfold this month is the featured art of Anchorage artist Roman Rubio – an incredible artistic force.

Also in this issue! The second Audio F’ile music compilation release is here, featuring some of Alaska’s hottest indie bands. Just download the music from the sound card in this issue.

And the third place winners of this year’s statewide writing competition – They might be third place , but they’re awesome, which is why the judges chose them.

And if that’s not enough coolness to stuff into a magazine, check out this month’s comics, art reviews, a feature stories.


Price: $5.00
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