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2011, 9 – Audio F’ile I -DOWNLOAD

Go ahead and purchase your September issue download here, and we’ll promptly email it to you along with your free music!


AK Hip Hop & Rap Maybe it’s your favorite genre, and maybe it’s a genre you’ve never listened to before. Either way, it’s worth reading about the people behind the sounds (Jah, Meno, Heather Prunty, Allison Warden) – and listening to those sounds as well (Phonetic, A-Damn!, Smack Diesel, Samoan Sam, DJ Kumpas and more!) This issue marks our first Audio F’ilerelease. Four times a year we plan on delivering free music compilations to our readers that feature specific genres of AK’s great musical talent.

Check out our additional coverage Slam poetry by Corinna Delgado, a reflection of 9/11 ten years later by Bruce Farnsworth, a discussion with resident artist Daniel Martinez.


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