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2012, 11 – The Art of Tattoo – PRINT

Inside the September/October issue of F Magazine:

Check out our coverage → Our centerfold this month is the featured art and tattoos of Anchorage tattoo artist Jake Scrivner.

Also in this issue: gorgeous tattoo work by a number of AK artists, a fantastic Don Decker review of Tim Thomas’ photography, new AK Comics, and meet the maker of some truly original yard art.

The November/December issue was described by a reader as “Beautiful. Every page is a piece of art. You just want to eat it up.” So be sure to eat it up! This is the last issue of 2012 – and the last issue of this kind. Expect big changes to F in 2013.

CORRECTION: The following image was improperly attributed. The art was in fact created by Debra Yarian

PLEASE NOTE: Within this issue are photographs of tattoos inked on to naked body parts – if you’re easily offended or frightened by boobs and vaginas, then this might not be the issue for you.



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