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2012, 3 – Youth Art & Writing II – Download


Check out our coverage For leap year we sort of took a little leap over March and came back to it in April. So this issue is jam-packed with arts-goodness. For March, we’re taking a look at the culture of roller derby in the state,  identifying the tremendous talent of Fran Lautenberger and her puppet friends, scrutinizing the new book Crude Awakening, reviewing the live performance of 3Kisses – and check out  our first monthly featured artist centerfold: Erin Osinkosky.

For the April side of things, we’re celebrating the awesome youth art & writing talent in the state by publishing some of this year’s winners of the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. Additionally, Priscilla Hensley shares with us the Kozebue radio station that hails local music and check out our new AK Comics page with Lee Post and Patrick Race!

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