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2012, 7 – F’Air Words II – Download

Inside the July/August issues of F Magazine:

Check out our coverage → Our centerfold this month is the featured art of Anchorage artist Ruby Kennell – see for yourself why so many buzz about her.

Also in this issue is Johanna Eurich’s critical analysis of Anchorage Museum’s True North; Don Decker reviews Asia Freeman and Kevin Serna’s latest exhibits, new comics by Lee Post and Pat Race, a look at Underground Dance in Anchorage and an amusing critique of Maxine Mansfield’s erotic new sci-fi novel.

This month, you’ll also find some of the winners of the 2012 F’Air Words writing competition (the rest will be published in September).

Congratulations to them all!
First Place:
“Magdalena” by Sandra Kleven, poetry
“Alaska Finishing School for Girls” by Rosalie Loewen, fiction
“Rage City” by Matt Fennell, nonfiction

Second Place:
“The Light of No Moon” by DC McKenzie, poetry
“Guilty” by Brian Hutton, fiction
“Moby Blues” by Gregory Gusse, nonfiction

Third Place:
“Jeri” by Brooke Hartman, fiction
“Evening of the Aids Vigil in Anchorage” by Miranda Rose, poetry
“Coal Dust” by Gregory Gusse, nonfiction
Honorable Mention:
“Lazarus’ Wife” by Benn Levine, fiction
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