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2013, 11 – Vol. 5, Issue 3 – PRINT

3rd Annual AUDIO F’ILE Release!

Free CD in this Issue!!


Fall 2013 Cover


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What’s to become of a city with no progressive art house?commentary by Jocelyn Clark

And what’s this new place ACW? feature by Dawnell Smith

Who’s the master orchestrator Chad Reynvaan? profile by Jonathan Bower

What’s the secret to Van Zyle’s art success, and does fame mean successful art? profile by Jim Misko

Who’s that woman who makes all that huge art and throws huge art parties? Maybe Sheila Wyne? profile by Dawnell Smith

Who’s the most likely to musically blow your mind this year? mmm… maybe Sophia Street?
profile by Teeka Ballas, album review by Madeleine Otto


Equilux by Cliff & Ivy – album review by Zach Horwitz

Dirt Work by Chrine Bylebook review by Anita Dale

History Revealedart review by Don Decker

In Memoriam: Buzz Schwall & Jessi Marena Nelson

AK Comics by Alaska Robotics, Nic Sweet

2013 F’Air Words Winners:
Donna Reed Resurrected –
fiction by Ricahrd Radford
Getting Ready –
flash fiction by Nicholas Dighiera
Poem for the Fox and the Hawk
poetry by D.C. McKenzie

F Magazine’s 3rd Annual Audio F’ile CD: Strum, Pluck and Song – featuring music by
Sophia Street, Hawkins Wright, Michael Howard, Chad Reynvaan, Anna Lynch, Caressa Starshine, Johnathan Bower and Seth Boyer.

And check out our Augmented Art: a digital aspect of the magazine, where you can scan a page with your mobile device and see MORE ART, and hear MORE MUSIC!

Just look for this symbol:

photography by : Marco Carter, Ash Adams, Nick Bradford, Joel Looli, Joel   Adams, Mikey Huff, Clark Mishler, Michael Conti.

art by : Jona Van Zyle, Jon Van Zyle, Renee King.

Layout & Design by Mariajose Echeverria Stewart, Teeka Ballas
Edited by Ava Williams, Hope Miller


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