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F-Action! 2014

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Congratulations to this year’s winners!


 Judges said: “Good variety of shots and style, content matched vibe.”  – “It definitely conveys a raw and cold feeling.” – “Love this video!” – “Watched this video about a dozen times. Sweet!”

f bomb    F Bomb_Cold Streets of Alaska_by Cold Streets of Alaska_Video by Dennis Krimsky

Judges’ Choice Award goes to director Dennis Krymski for “Cold Streets of Alaska” by David Hagwood, Dustin Maxwell & Dwayne Carter.

 Judges said: “Nice visual handling, great imagery with good one-off clips.” – “Blown away … Love the cinematography and color … Love the snap-to beat in certain parts.” – “Wonderful cinematography and fantastic use of special effects to tell story.” 

1st place   1st-place_Haunted-WEB

1st Place Award goes to directors The Dean Brothers for “Haunted” by Super Saturated Sugar Strings



Judges said: “Great concept for this song!” – “Loved the innocence, message and apparent simplicity paired with intricate visual handling and space clips.” – “Fun idea and the tech is excellent.” – “Great song and use of news footage spliced with the art design to tell the story.”

2nd place  2nd place_Good Morning Moon by Marian Call_Video by Marian Call & Pat Race

2nd Place Award goes to directors Patrick Race and Marian Call for “Good Morning Moon” by Marian Call



Judges said:Captures genre of music well and compliments the themes in music.” – “Love the location, really like music and production.” – “So beautiful. This video very much reflected the vibe of the band.” – “Love the composition!”

3rd place  3rd place_Tumbleweeds by Blackwater Railroad Co_Video by Max Miller

3rd Place Award goes to Director Max Miller for “Tumbleweeds” by Blackwater Railroad Company



Judges said: “Laughed out loud!” – “Great visuals.” – “Relates the story of the song perfectly.” – “The satire and crassness is somewhat reminiscent of Die Antwoord … Total eye porn.”

Kick Ass  Brattitude by Saucy Yoda2_Video by Electric Igloo and Hellenthal Productions

Kick Ass Runner Up Award goes to Hellenthal Productions and Electric Igloo for “Brattitude” by Saucy Yoda



Judges said: “Weird.” – “Weird.” – “Weird but oddly watchable.” – “Totally weird, totally entertaining and totally captures the mood of the song.”

f'n Accolades1  FAccolades1_Hot Yellow Noise by Hello Listener_Video by Joshua Maxwell

F’n Accolades #1 Award goes to Director Joshua Maxwell for “Hot Yellow Noise” by HelloListener



Judges said: “Uhm.” – “Really cute video. Song was original and the concepts were creative … short and sweet.” – “Ridiculously cute.” – Cute throwback idea. Love the video handling and creativity in details.” – “…Could be pitched to Discovery Channel.” 

f'n Accolades2  F Accolades2Shark Week by Marian Call_Video by Alaska Robotics

F’n Accolades #2 Award goes to Alaska Robotics for “Shark Week” by Marian Call



Judges said: “It engaged me in the song without being flashy.” – “This tickles and hurts…” – “This proves that amazing tech is not the most important element.  This video had a joyful vibe about it . I found it very watchable.” – “I loved the melancholy and joy captured so subtly here.”

f'n noteworthy  Right in front of you by Playboy Spaceman_Video By George Kuhar

F’n Noteworthy Award goes to George Kuhar for “Right in Front of You” by Playboy Spaceman


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