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Fashion 2015 Competition Page

Fashion Comp 2015

Deadline Extended: Nov.1, 2015



  • The photographer must be an Alaska resident or identify as one. Preferably all of the talent is Alaska-based. Outstanding work that is completely comprised of Alaska residents will take precedence. We encourage fashion teams to work with Alaska clothing designers.
  • When submitting photographs, please include full bylines (makeup, hair, clothing, set design, photographer, model, etc.), and cutline/artist’s statement (a detail about the photograph. ie: where it was shot, peculiar conditions, particular triumphs, etc.). All submissions must be large, high resolution (at least 300 dpi) images, and watermark free.
  • Image submissions must be in tif format, large and high res – at least 300 dpi.
  • The entry fee for each submitted photograph is $10. Entrants can submit up to 5 photographs per entry, however, they must be from the same shoo and have the same bylines. To submit more photographs, or photographs with different bylines, entrant must create new/separate entries.
  • The call for entries closes November 1, 2015 – Midnight, Alaska Standard Time.
  • Our judges will be looking at creativity, originality, design of shot, quality of makeup and hair design, ability of model to capture the moment, and overall composition. Finalists will be notified
  • Finalists will be notified prior to September.
  • Winners of the 2015 Art of Fashion Photography Competition will be published in the Spring 2016 FINAL ISSUE of F Magazine. There will be a limited pressing – pre-orders will be mandatory.


F Magazine is an Alaska-based arts and culture publication. F Magazine is a no-profit limited liability corporation entirely volunteer owned and run. The mission of F Magazine is to bolster arts consciousness in Alaska by bridging the gap between artists and the general public and raising the bar and awareness through healthy competition.

F Magazine LLC, in conjunction with hosts a number of different annual competitions. These competitions are designed to raise visibility of Alaska’s arts, increase community engagement of the arts, and encourage artists to raise their own bar.

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  1. November 5, 2013

    who will the judges be? Alaska based? Anchorage based? Background on who they will be?
    – Dre

    • fzine permalink*
      November 5, 2013

      Hey Dre!
      The judges are always done by Outside photographers, models, makeup artists, etc. This way we eliminate local bias. It’s still kind of a “small town” and we’d be hard pressed to find anyone here that would make a good judge for such a competition, that wouldn’t have ties to many if not most of the entrants. That said, there is an “editor’s choice” award.
      Good luck!

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