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F’Air Words 2013 Competition Details

fair words 2013/14

DEADLINE   FEB 3, 2014

But due to human errors and system crashes, we’re extending it to Feb. 7

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F’air Words, F Magazine’s Fourth Annual Statewide Writing Competition is open to all poets and writers, whether published or not, regardless of experience, residing anywhere in Alaska. We’re not sticklers on what defines “resident,” we just ask writers to take into consideration that this competition is to promote the talent within and from our state, and elevate public awareness of this talent.

  • Current F Magazine judges are not eligible, but content contributors, F Squad members and volunteers are.
  • Previously published poems and short stories in other contests, books, magazines, etc. (including those previously published in F Magazine) are accepted and welcomed as long as they are original works created by the contest entrant(s), and that you make note of it in your Writer’s Statement.
  • Double submissions are accepted. Multiple entries are accepted. However, only one submission per entry form. It is $5 per entry.
  • Do not include your name anywhere on your writing submission! Doing so will have you disqualified.

POETRY All poems must be 2 pages or less (or 86 lines/1,000 words) on any subject or theme.

FICTION All fiction must be no more than 5000 words and may be on any subject or theme and in any style. For example, all short/flash/science fiction, novel excerpts, and screenplays are accepted.

NONFICTION All nonfiction must be no more than 3000 words and may be on any subject or theme and in any style. For example, all non-fiction stories, essays, critique/analysis, diary/journal entries and autobiographies are accepted.

NOVEL EXCERPT Novel excerpts can be any genre, fiction and nonfiction. Maximum, 5,000 words. A 200-word brief is allowed to summarize the context of the excerpt.

FLASH FICTION  This means, tell your story in a flash. You’ve got up to 900 words to tell a story. Any kind of story, however you want to.

All submissions must be in PDF or Word file document; double spaced; 12 point font. Times New Roman. There is only one entry allowed per registration. If you have multiple entries, you must create a new registration for each one. Each poem, story, et al. must be contained within its own document. Please include in the top left corner of your document, the title of your piece and the genre. All entries are judged on anonymity. Do not include your name!

Deadline is Feb. 3, 2014.

All contest winners will be notified, announced and published in an issue of F Magazine.

The entry fee for all categories this year is $5 per entry. Disclosure: As F Magazine is entirely volunteer owned and run no-profit publication, the entry fee is necessary to cover the cost the services used to collect submissions and distribute to our volunteer judges.

First Place winners will be published in an issue of F Magazine. First, Second and Third Place Winners will all receive an award certificate and mention in both print and on-line. As we are entirely volunteer-run, and the cost of print is so high, we regrettably cannot offer free copies of the magazine to winners. Even F volunteers have to pay for their copies.

All works will be submitted to our judging committee anonymously. Until the winners are announced June 1, 2013, the judging committee will maintain its own anonymity. All poems are judged on the basis of originality, creativity, characterization and artistic quality. All fiction and nonfiction entries are judged based on their originality, creative imagination, character introduction and development; plot development and story arc. All decisions by the judges are final.

F Magazine does not release or sell customer or contest entrant information to third parties or mailing lists, nor will you receive telephone solicitations, whatsoever – not even from us. We occasionally send customer, contest entrants and members of our mailing news about F Magazine products, contests and updates. You may opt out of these notices at any time by sending a request to

All poems and stories remain the property of the artist who wrote or created them. By submitting a poem/story for this contest, the artist may also be eligible for the publication of her, his or Z’s work in F Magazine, and submitted for national small publication competitions.

By submitting this work, you agree to the above terms and that all work submitted is completely your own work. Any work not your own, not appropriately cited, will be considered plagiarism and removed from the competition.

All prizewinners will be notified by postal mail, email or by telephone. The first place winners will have their work published in the summer issue of F Magazine. The top three winning entries of all three categories will have their names and brief biographical information published in the summer issue of F Magazine and all winning works may be published on our Website.


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