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Art of Fashion – Photography Entries

THE 3rd Annual ART OF FASHION Issue

We will begin taking submissions again October 21
Deadline December 20 – 10pm!


Be a part of this exciting and exceptionally gorgeous issue!

Apply by clicking here!


Due to the high volume of entries, this year’s call to photographers will be run as a competition.
The program to run the competition costs a good chunk of money, so entrants will now be required to pay an entrance fee of $5 per three photographs.


At least one artist involved with each shoot must live in Alaska for at least a portion of the year. Outstanding work that is completely comprised of Alaska residents will take precedence.
When submitting photographs, please include full bylines and (makeup, hair, clothing, set design, photographer, model, etc.)  a cutline (a detail about the photograph. ie: where it was shot, peculiar conditions, particular triumphs, etc.)


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  1. November 24, 2012

    Greetings! I just wanted to ask because I was confused last year… Are the only ones submitting are the photographers that shot the images? Or are support staff able to submit as well? I didn’t submit last year because I thought I wasn’t suppose to, since I’m a hairstylist, and then was asked why I didn’t submit anything at a later date after the deadline. It was rather confusing for me. Thank you in advance for your response and congratulations on your publication.
    Melissa Salazar-Blake

    • fzine permalink*
      March 6, 2013

      The competition is primarily toward the photographer, although the entire team is recognized for their work. The work must be submitted by whomever has ownership of the image.

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