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ASYAWC – Art Guidelines

Artists can submit multiple entries, but each entry must be done individually; only students in their senior year can submit a portfolio. Seniors can submit up to two portfolios, but each must be submitted individually. A $5 entry fee is required for each individual entry and $10 for each portfolio.

All entries must be submitted as large, high resolution images with a minimum of 300 dpi. If there is confusion regarding how to acquire high resolution images, or how to change images to high resolution, please write to us at

DIMENSIONS – be sure to include the size and medium worked in for your entry in the comment box.

ARCHITECTURE Plans and/or models of structures, arenas, areas, environments. Building designs, landscape designs, interior designs, urban plans. Architecture entries can include 2D work such as hand-drawn sketches, computer-aided designs, blueprints, and floor plans, OR 3D work such as scale models made from foam core, balsa wood, cardboard, wooden blocks, polystyrene, found or reused objects, etc.  Up to 4 images can be submitted for architecture. In your comment section, please be sure to include dimensions of 3D work, and how many pages for 2D work.

Up to four images can be submitted for each Architecture submission.

CERAMICS AND GLASS  Up to four images can be submitted for each ceramics or glass entry.

COMIC ART A narrative told through imagery and with or without text, using multiple frames or panels.This includes comic books or strips, or graphic novel excerpts. There is not currently an ANIMATION category, but should a student wish to submit animation, it will be accepted under this category. Up to five minutes of reel can be submitted.

Artists can submit up to 8 pages or screen shots of their work. If work is Web based comic, please include URL in the comment box. NOTE: we do not accept work based on pre-existing characters.

DIGITAL ART  This is for computer-generated artwork, or work that is heavily manipulated to produce a new image. (For work just mildly touched up, it should be submitted in it’s subject category). This category is inclusive of digital collages, photo manipulation, digital painting, and fractal art. Only one image can be submitted per entry. Please note in Description of Entry what computer program(s) you worked with.


DRAWING This includes but is not limited to pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, crayon, scratch board and marker. Only one image per entry.

FASHION This includes both design (ie sketches) and creation (fully actualized) for fashion and accessories (though jewelry should be submitted in the “jewelry” competition). Created pieces must be photographed on a model or mannequin; up to four images per created piece may be submitted. Designed pieces can submit up to two pages of draft work per entry. Entries can include (but are not limited to) dresses, shirts, pants, belts, bags, shoes, wearable art, strangely wearable and work made from found materials.
JEWELRY Up to four images per submission.

MIXED MEDIA This is art made from more than one medium, usually with a three-dimensional element, which can include collage, stock paper, handmade paper, fiber based art, batik. Up to four images accepted per submission.

PAINTING Only one image accepted per entry. Include what type of pigment, dimensions, and canvas used in Description of Entry

PHOTOGRAPHY One image per entry. Include photographic technique and editing tools used in Description of Entry.

PRINTMAKING onotype, collograph, woodcut/linocut, intaglio, lithography, etching, silkscreen printing, etc. One image per entry.

SCULTPTURE Can be cast, modeled, molded, welded, etc. Up to four images per entry.

PORTFOLIO  A portfolio must include 8 different works from varying categories or from only one category. Up to two separate portfolios can be submitted. Only students in their senior year may submit a portfolio. Must include full description of each work, as well as a brief bio, addressing the motivation behind this art, goals with art, and how art has affected your life.


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