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Art Competition Entry

 Architecture Ceramics & Glass Comic Art Digital Art Drawing Fashion Jewelry Mixed Media Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Portfolio

Upload submission image here (must be high res, 300 dpi). Please compress multiple portfolios into a .zip file. Large file sizes will take a while, depending on your upload speed.

And last but not least, please upload your signed parental/guardian form so we know everything is good to go on your end.

If your file exceeds 32mb then it's not going to upload properly. Please head on over to and upload your file there. Than paste the link here:

 Check or Money Order Credit Card via Paypal Fee Waiver
For Check or Money Orders, please make payable to F Magazine and send to P.O. Box 240224; Anchorage, AK 99524.
To request a fee waiver, please send an email to

Please select one of the options for your entry.
 Standard Entry Senior Portfolio

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  1. fzine permalink*
    January 10, 2014

    Be sure to apply with the competition entry form. Email us if you have any problems with the form. You also need to get a waiver filled out and back to us by the 18th. Good luck!

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